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Role Playing World Season One

Hey everyone, Animation Girl here! I'm pleased to announce that Role Playing World officially has a complete scripted season of episodes!

Role Playing World has evolved far beyond it's original conception, but even when I had set out on the path of making a web series I had only written five scripts.

Well, deciding to create and rig the majority of the characters needed in the series up front meant I needed to know who was actually going to be running around in the real life game world. And that meant I had to get writing.

At this point in time RPW is a thirteen episode season and I definitely have my work cut out for me. I never envisioned the cast of characters that came to be when I continued writing plot lines that made me laugh and reminded me of things I love and hate about gaming, but I absolutely cannot wait for this to become animated reality.

Stay with me on this journey because the world is expanding and it is comical, adventurous, and oh so cute!

Catch you next time!

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