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Producing an Animated Web Series

Animation Girl here and yes, you read that right. I'm producing an animated web series as a one woman animator. Wish me luck!

I have my heart set on animating my comedy adventure series called Role Playing World and to do so, there's a lot involved. The series must be scripted, storyboards be made, voice actors cast and recorded, characters designed and turned into 2d animate-able puppets, animation completed, video composited and a musical score composed. It can be overwhelming when looking at it all at once. So here's my strategy.

Compartmentalization. Bouncing around between the stages is one of the worst things one can do. It is taxing on the mental processes. I've done this before and it does not work. There is a reason why there are phases to the production process and I am going to stick to them.

Planning on creating a 2d puppet animation with Duik and After Effects I know exactly how I need to begin; focusing only on the 2d puppet artwork creation. Just like when putting on a play you spend time creating and setting up your set, that is what I'm doing here. Taking all the characters in season one of my series and creating them in hopes that they never need be created again. Lol.

Afterwards, I will move onto the computer software, rigging, and puppet making portion of the animation. And when that's complete I will finally be able to move into the real fun. Animation!

Stay tuned, become a member, and get all the latest updates on Role Playing World and other Ambrosia Animations projects. And if you want even more details you can watch my vlogs on the entire process.

Catch you next time!

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