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A Personal Biography

Hey everyone it's me, Animation Girl! But I'm also the artist behind Ambrosia Rae Designs. If you are new here or new to my work in general, hopefully this will let you learn a little bit about me.

I have been drawing since the age of three and never stopped. Growing up I found solace in art. Being able to express my emotions onto paper was cathartic. Happiness, sadness, anger, love. Whatever I was feeling, I could put it into my art and free myself of the negative emotions or enhance the good ones. Even though I knew art was a part of my very being I still didn't think of it as a career.

It wasn't until senior year of high school did I realize that I could attend a college strictly for the fine arts. That I could actually do what I love for a living every day. Of course, once I knew this there was no stopping me. I was off to the Kansas City Art Institute to go learn...something.

Like a majority of people I went to college thinking 'I love to draw I should be an illustrator'. It was only after I had enrolled did I find my true passion in Animation. I had tried to make an animated film before in my youth and I already knew I loved animation of all kinds. Plus, making a film involves many different aspects that I enjoy; writing, acting, music, art, drawing, etc. I didn't have to settle on just one part.

Like most creatives, I wanted to create for myself, not for other people. I know colleagues who went into the industry only to leave it burnt out and switching gears to do their own thing. I spent many years crafting, honing my skills, collecting the tools for my studio, etc. I have experienced many diverse and amazing things as an artist as I followed many other avenues up until this point. But now I am here taking on one of the biggest endeavors yet.

I am officially starting Ambrosia Animations as a place where I can create and share my animated works with the world. As a one woman animation studio I have a lot of challenges ahead of me, the number one issue being time. Animation takes a lot of time to produce and doing it all alone definitely makes it harder. But I have ideas I want to share and I'm ready to make that happen.

So, here I've given myself the space to do just that. And even though content may be a little sparse in the beginning, eventually it will be full of cute comedic entertainment. Stay along for the journey and watch me turn Ambrosia Animations into something wonderful!

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