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Mastering Animation
Let's breathe life into doing something you love!
  • Basic Course

    Mastering Animation: Basic Course
    • Learn the beginning principles of animation
    • 15 Basic Animation Exercises
    • Great for beginners
    • Great for those that need help honing their skills
  • Intermediate Course

    Mastering Animation: Intermediate Course
    Valid for 3 months
    • Coming Soon
  • Advanced Course

    Mastering Animation: Advanced Course
    Valid for 3 months
    • Coming Soon
Learn How to Animate
Animation Exercises

In this course you'll learn through practice. You'll go through some of the best animation exercises, starting from the very basic, gradually increasing in skill and complexity, until you master animation completely.

Create your own animations at the end of each exercise, show off your skills, and gain a portfolio worthy of sharing.

Animation Breakdowns

One of the best ways to learn is by example. Other animation lessons give you a lot of terms and basic concepts, but don't dive into the nitty gritty details of how an animation is achieved or follow through with quality examples for every exercise.

In this course not only will you find breakdowns and explanations on how achieve specific motions, I'll go over how to think critically, and show you examples of what you are trying to attain.

All frames (no words).jpg

Have you ever read instructions and realized they contained a bunch of industry language you didn't understand?

Don't worry this course isn't going to drop a long list of terms in your lap via a glossary. We'll go over definitions WHEN you need to know them.

This takes the dull, dry, and boring out of the equation. Learn terms and how to apply them at the same time for better retention and understanding.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Most classes give you the basics, let you animate, and then tell you about common mistakes after you've made them while they are critiquing your work. That's a little backwards if you ask me.


Why struggle making rookie mistakes if you can avoid them? That's why, in this course, you'll find information on common pitfalls and how to correct them. I made plenty of mistakes when I learned animation and I'd like to save you that step. 

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