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Ambrosia Animations

by Ambrosia Rae Designs

Featured Work

Animation is for everyone.

Ten Forty

An Instagram commercial created for a client who wanted to promote tax literacy to a wide ranging audience. This version is the original concept animation that was intended to continue into a larger series.

Role Playing World

The opening animation for the Role Playing World comedy web series created and animated by Amber Rae of Ambrosia Animations. A 2d animation created using After Effects with hand drawn images composited in a motion graphics format. The web series itself is anticipated to launch some time in 2022.

Natural Woman Cooks

A YouTube channel opening created for a clients cooking channel. This animation was completely hand drawn using a personal technique combining digital hand drawings and 2d compositing.

"Animation is a medium in which to tell a story. It is not limited by age, gender, or intellect. I choose to tell stories that spread joy and happiness. That's something that anyone can relate to."

-Animation Girl

RPW Intrp Still.jpg